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Grafallloy Prolaunch Blue 0.370 Graphite Iron Shaft

    Grafallloy Prolaunch Blue 0.370 Graphite Iron Shaft
    • Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue Graphite Shaft
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    Product Description

    The ProLaunch Blue shaft promotes high launch angles for increase in air carry thus resulting in a longer total distance. Research has shown that the majority of golfers launch the ball too low or with too much spin which equates into lost distance. Prolauch Blue graphite irons have been designed to combat this and helps achieve that extra distance that you desire.
    Although these shafts have the exact same graphics as those ProLaunch Blue graphite iron shafts sold on the market today, Grafalloy made these shafts slightly different in material types for an original equipment manufacturer, however, the performance is basically the same.

    These are 100% Authentic Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shafts that were manufactured in Aug 2009 and purchased directly from Grafalloy.
    Color - Blue with Silver & White
    Shaft Length - 41.0"
    Weight - 76 Gm
    Tip Diameter - .370"
    Butt Diameter = .600"
    Torque - 3.9
    Ball Flight - High

    These shafts can be tip trimmed for all 0.370'' irons (instructions provided) and then butt trimmed to your required length.



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